Jordan and Amy Staplehurst, Maidstone, Kent

Jordan and Amy Staplehurst, Maidstone, Kent

As a photographer in the South East, we are always on the look out for new and unique wedding venues to shoot at. We had the privilege to be able to shoot the wedding of Jordan and Amy in Staplehurst, Kent. This was a lovely unique venue on a private farm and was unique to them enabling them to hold their ceremony exactly as they wanted, followed by a very personalized reception.

About Jordan and Amy’s day in Staplehurst, Maidstone, Kent

The couple had organised a traditional red London double-decker bus to transport their guests from the church to the reception venue and this certainly added to the uniqueness of their day. Whilst both Jordan and Amy chose to travel in style in a convertible white Beauford.

The grounds themselves were decorated in a rural theme using hay bales as a great photographic backdrop. We also had the brilliant opportunity to be able to use the beautiful orchards as a great background for some of the photographs to be taken in.

We were very lucky to be able to catch the stunning sunset and capture a lovely romantic shot of the newly weds in the grounds with these behind them. This captured the essence of the day beautifully.

One of my most memorable moments from this special day was when trying to take a group shot. Once all organised and seated on the haybales. I had set up the camera ready to take the shot. Suddenly the family dog jumped in front of the lens, photo-bombarding the shot making himself the star of the show! Click here to see what I captured! What a funny moment that was!

Above all this was truly an amazing day and will be one to remember. Both Samantha and I would like to wish Jordan and Amy every happiness in their marriage together.

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