The Secret Gardens – Yalding – Maidstone, Kent

The Secret Gardens – Yalding, Maidstone, Kent

This is a fantastic wedding venue and is by far one of my favourites in Maidstone, Kent. I can’t wait to shoot another wedding here because the grounds are a photographers dream, have a look for yourself! Take a look at our photos here. This is a beautiful venue right in the centre of Kent just beneath Maidstone. With 12 acres of gardens, this makes weddings in the Summer months beautiful with the added option of a gazebo for your guests to use throughout the reception.

As well as being fantastic in summer, this venue is perfect throughout the rest of the year offering the option to erect two interlinking tipi’s giving your wedding the outdoor feel in cooler months. The winter months are just as perfect here also as this venue offers the use of a beautiful barn for ceremony and reception purposes! No matter what option you choose for your big day, wherever you look there is always a stunning view!

Tips and ideas for your big day at The Secret Garden – Yalding, Kent:

Here are some tips I think will help make for some perfect photos at The Secret Gardens:

  1. Firstly, allow yourself some time after your ceremony to walk around the gardens. It has a romantic atmosphere and lots of stunning views. Make sure to take note of your favourite spots to ensure you get some photographs here!
  2. Secondly, take advantage of all the gardens backdrops. Around the gardens are numerous backdrops which photographers could use and are perfect to ensure your photos show off your amazing choice of venue.
  3. Thirdly, get all the family together! One of the best aspects of this venue as a photographer is space. The gardens have plenty of space which allows for some great group photos. Check out our gallery and see for yourself.

All in all, we love The Secret Gardens Yalding, Kent and look forward to having the opportunity to shoot at it again in the future!

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