Maternity Photography

Flashback Photography SE is now also a Maternity Photographer. The creation of new life is an amazing, mind-blowing thing. This is truly a special time, and one that deserves to be celebrated and documented. You’re on a life-changing journey, and you’re looking absolutely beautiful, even though you might not be feeling it!

Bumps are Beautiful

I love doing maternity shoots in Mote Park, this is an amazing time and one to capture. But it is also an expensive time. We have branched into maternity photoshoots because we want to offer great images at affordable prices. Check out our Maternity Page.

So, how does it work?

We recommend booking your Maternity Photographer shoot in for when you will be between 32 and 37 weeks pregnant. This is the best time for you to show your bump. I like to go to Mote Park and capture your beautiful bump. We find it is much nicer being in the natural park rather in a studio. We found Mote Park to be beautiful and help create a great backdrop for your photos.

What we offer

– £150

– 2 hour sessions

You will be supplied approximately 20 digitally edited images supplied on a USB stick. Therefore, there are no hidden costs or having to pay additional money to own your own photos! You pay just one price for both our service and your photos, unlike many other packages that are available!

Maternity Photoshoot

Flashback Photography loves capturing the beautiful love between a mother and her unborn child! Whatever your circumstance is, whether this is your first child or another addition of happiness to your family, partners and siblings are not only permitted but actively welcomed and encouraged to participate in the shoot. This is not only your Maternity shoot but a chance to capture this special time as a family.

You can see our previous work in our Client Gallery